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A two-storey office and exhibition building or hotel is planned for the property Niederrheinstr. 231. The building is planned with a flat roof. It will have a height of 8.00 m and consists of two units which can be interconnected

Under the entire building complex an underground garage with 37 car spaces is provided. The underground parking will be a "Mittelgarage" with less than 1,000 sqm floor space. The access to the underground car park is located in the rear area of the building and can be reached by a platform on the south plot .

At the outside area 3 visitor parking spaces are provided on top.

The building body to the road complies the road direction. The in alternating arranged glass and metal facade and the stressed entrance area should be understood as an eye catcher to the road.

The second building complex is located behind the front part of the building. The conjunction to the entrance areas and the outside parking spaces creates the impression of an interior courtyard. The relaxing area with seating possibilities in front of the entrances invite to abide.

The planned roof terraces on the two flat roofs result from the distances between the property boundaries that must be observed.

The building complex will sustain a partly bypass around the front building. The underground parking can be reached by a platform along on the southern property border. The access roads are provided with interlocking stones.

The outside area parking spaces are provided on top will be executed with grass pavers.

Planting and green spaces are planned for the additional outside area.

GRZ = approx. 0,65
GFZ = approx. 1,00
BGF = approx. 1,742 sqm
BRI (incl. Underground parking) = approx. 9,924 sqm

The current building on the property is no longer inhabited and will be taken down. The permit will be requested in time.

The shape and depth of the new buildings have been mutual agreed with the building authority.

The planned building complex is justifiable to the urban planning and adapts to the environment with mainly commercial buildings.

The spacing surfaces are on the property. They are calculated and illustrated on a separate plan.

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